Wednesday 25 July 2012

Acidic/Corrosive Well Water in Nova Scotia

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Do you see "Green" or "Blue-Green" stains? Is your water "acidic" and corrosive? 

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Acid Filters and Acid Neutralizers

Water Turning Your Hair Green? Most well water users believe that the chlorine and algae in their water turns their hair green but, in fact, it’s copper. Copper can stain fixtures and change the tint of hair, especially those who have lighter hair colors and those who dye their hair. But in the end, the green color you find in your hair after a shower can be a warning sign to other serious problems you may have occurring in your well, such as thinned out plumbing and broken pipes.

This "one tank" system will raise the pH value of your water to decrease its acidity, which can cause corrosion to metal components of a water system. One common symptom of acidic water is the presence of "Green" or "Blue-Green" staining when copper pipes are being "eaten up"! The neutralizer tank contains a bed of material - usually Calcite - a trade name for a finely ground grade of marble, which raises the water's pH value. As water passes through this bed of material, the acid is neutralized and a small amount of the bed material is dissolved. As a result, the water becomes more alkaline (the pH value goes up) and it becomes less acidic and less corrosive. This Acid Neutralizer System has NO filter, NO pumps, and uses NO harmful chemicals. It automatically backwashes to loosen the material and clean the bed. From time to time - usually once a year - additional bed material/Calcite must be added.

Acidity & Hardness
The ph level in your drinking water reflects how acidic it is. The ph Stands for "potential hydrogen" which refers to
the amount of hydrogen that is mixed with the water. The level of pH is measured on a scale from 0 to 14, with 7
being neutral. Measurements below 7 are considered acidic and levels above 7 indicate alkalinity.
Water with a low pH can be acidic, soft and corrowsive. Acidic water causes metals such as copper, lead, iron, zinc and manganese to leach from pipes and fixtures. Stained laundry, blue-green stains in sinks and drains and metallic or sour tasting water are indications of low pH levels.

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